Adam just won the internet

So not only did adam (adam i need some kind of link for you) send me that m&m fabulousness yesterday but he assisted in my post for today. I have this random list in my phone of future posts that i never get around to. here's one that I've been waiting far too long to research, compile and send out to the masses.

The Ghetto BBQ. ie. how Adam and I would like to spend every day of our summer.

let's begin:

oh cuba

let's go get some bbq and get busy!

this has far too few views. genius right here. genius.

and my favorite - fast forward to 7 mins 29 secs.

and continued here

i'm accepting more submissions to highwaisted@gmail.com - do it.


Alyson said...

I want to Ghetto BBQ with you. This is a FABULOUS idea.

CB said...

I highly recommend this song (and video) for the soundtrack: