boys night out plus me

Despite feeling like a pile I went to a little birthday bbq for my brother's friend Chris yesterday, then the 12 or so of us had tickets to Kings of Convenience. I love boys nights out.

the sun was just PUMPIN.

the birthday boy


Case-dog brought his bicyclette so i got to have another bud-dy ride! now im all gaga over a fixed gear. KENNY - STOP DELAYING OUR BIKE DATE!

made it in time for the opener. very california. can't remember their name. but one of the guys had some very luscious locks.

solid performance by Kings of Convenience, although i found they used a little bit too much of their banter from their show 5 years ago. Funny material though, so i was down.


Then I tried to attempt an impromptu photoshoot. SOMEONE BUY ME A DSLR. IM DIEING OVER HERE.


meredith r. mistletoe said...

i think me and raymi need to be invited to boys night out mmmhmm

Highwaisted said...

this can be arranged meredith. ahhh yeah

Raymi Lauren said...

ahha i was just thinking of a funny comment like ID HIT TONS OF THAT but then felt it was too much. meredith thanks for comin' out!

Kwil said...

No seriously. You hang with some good looking dudes.
Looks like it was a fun night!!!

steph said...

this looks like my life every single night of the week

Highwaisted said...