luuuuuube job

So Kenny finally stopped working his DAY job for the NIGHT and gave our rides a sweet tune up and lube job. I've been bugging him to do this ever since 'the rock' became my new mode of transportation. what a sweetheart this guy is.

of course he loooved joe's bike but made fun of mine. what is wrong with having a mountain bike in the city?? there is some intense terrain out there guys. have you seen how much construction happens in the summer up in this city? it is ridic. You can take your skinny hipster wheels and suck it, i'm choosing not to conform and starting a whole new vibe of fat tire riding.

just look at her. what a beaut.

so after kenny cleaned the chain, wiped down all the gears, gave both bikes a sweet wash, he lubed them up with 'wet ride'. apparently that stuff is the best mang.

so now all i need is a new paint job! but kenny said i have to wait until the winter for that because to do it right it's gonna take all weekend. SIIIIIGH. i really really wanted the paint job this summer.

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