punch out whhhaaaaaaat!

today was relatively siiiiick.

1. i got a raise! more dolla dolla bills son!
2. i dreamt about drinkin a caeser all day and then stars were aligned right at 5:05pm and jon loek and i popped it like its hot and had a beverage on the hideout pats. my caeser was nothing short of perfect.
3. rolled up to jogee's work cause he had a 'surprise' for me.
4. grabbed an orangina from the client fridge - that can really make anyone's day. come on now.
5. filled a baggie full of big feet.
6. rode side by side talkin bout jogee's strategy for saturday's magic tourney (JOGEE GOT A BIKE!).
7. made the most delicious pasta, drank the rest of Krystyn's wine.
8. trained the kittens in photoshoots.
9. put on the nba finals cause i got basketball fever, we all have basketball fever.
10. opened my 'surprise'.

lets open them!!!

punch out and double dragon. GET OUT!

ok ok so the college years weren't that awesome but some of these quotes were zingers.

zack morris. good guy or bad guy?

look at my babies!

then i cut this cake up thinking i was gonna blow the boys out of the water but it actually kind of sucked.

(wooooops! sorry i should have rotated half those photos, my bad)



beans said...

OMG megs is actually POSING now. you are like the yoda of photoshoots girl.

Raymi Lauren said...

theyre so grownded now!

nails look sick.

Highwaisted said...

missed my calling. what the hizzy am i doing?? i should just sell all of my shit and buy a sick camera and go into cat photography. heeellllllll yeah!