weekend wrap up

woah. i've been busy. WOAH!

best bestie of all time

and her highlarious BF

stayed with us for the weekend. Friday we (just Paul) ate hot dogs at disgraceland, then took in their showizzle at the piston.

go there. Tarik is supes nice and there is a great vibe oozing out of that place. i want to hold my next girls night there. woot woot! Then i did a shot of tequila and can't really remember what happened after that.

adam and clare showed up! looking tight as hell in these getups.

then there was a whole bunch of brunette love. mmm brunettes.

i even wore make up cause it was such a special night. can you even tell? i suck at make up application.

I did a little puff puff give somewhere around here... i think with these fine folks.

then midpoint? yes. thank god i carry a camera around all night.

lookin slick frenchie

there was an inside joke going on here im sure of it.

go to way cool on queen and book a tattoo with dan. it will be amazing.

gah how gorgeous is this girl??

ohhh i did drink more beer after that tequila shot!

horseshoe? yes. camera coming through again.

tyrone. most solid bouncer of all time. am i right?

hard rock cafe? attempted. texts to back it up.

yonge and dundas square? i think this was saturday. and def sunday.

lots of cabs..

but thankfully no street meat.


also happy father's day to my 2 daddio's! (they aren't married to each other, just to clarify) aw look at joe in his salmon shirt.


beans said...

i can't even handle clare. HELLO GORGEOUS

alana da silva said...

i thought i loved brunettes.

until i saw that redhead with the tattoos.

sorry girls.

Highwaisted said...

alana - i think you're onto something.

kay zee said...


Alot cooler if they WERE! (Married to eachother!)