spelty pancakes

I'm never really excited about pancakes. I don't ever order them in a resto either. im more of a british bacon and eggs kinda breakfast girl. buuuuuut friday i had a huge craving for pancakes so i whipped up some spelt ones with chocolate rice milk on saturday. they were unbelievably good.

2 cups of spelt flour
2 cups of chocolate rice milk (but you can use any kind of milk)
2 tablespoons of baking powder
mixed berries, bananas, whatever fruit you wanna get down with
shaved almonds

we didnt have any syrup, so we just put some honey on those puppies

side of scrambled eggs. BLAM! yum.

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Kwil said...

damn. i had a bagel for breakfast and now i feel mighty mediocre :) sounds goooood.