busy week. burnt out.

I had plans every night this week. tonight included, which i am bailing on because a) i havent finished the book b) i have 5 billion things to do before saturday and c) im 100% burnt out.

Went to the Rhino Tuesday night with Shannon and knocked back multiple beers, ate a pizza, and caught up on each others shiz. solid patio, good vibe, and i even ran all the way home. im getting good at running home while half cut. check out this sick sun down brick wall.

here's better pics of my nails

and here's the restaurant K and I ordered pad thai, mushroom lemongrass soup and cold rolls at. it was DELICIOUS. rivaled salad king. i thought that the fact that this sign was created out of old spray painted pop cans was hilarious. oh man good sign.

we got take out but im going back to dine in. the decor was amaze!

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