fresh black pants

lets talk about them for a second. how much do you love fresh brand new black pants? I LOVE THEM. too bad they never last. a couple washes and those suckers are done for. maybe it's because i'm not ballin enough yet and I can't afford black pants that don't fade? do those exist? like i mean awesome ones. not pvc black pants you crazy raver goths wear. i know who you are. actually i totally don't but that would be awesome if i had a raver goth following.

tangent. i rarely rock those in blog form. IRL totally different story.

anyways. what is your favorite brand of black pants? I'm pretty into BDG ankle cigarettes right now. they fade fast but damn do they fit right.

should i buy some dye and bring them back to the black jeans i once knew? i'm too scared to put that shit in the washer. have you ever washed your whites in bleach before. scary moment. but sooo worth it.

oh man this blog just went down hill.

here's a picture of me in my bathing suit.

woo blog back uphill again!

nooooot really.

but how good do james and i look in this picture?

summer lovin, pizza, head gear, i predict good things for July and August. very very good things.

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Raymi Lauren said...

i just got a nice scarf in the mail you have inspired me to wear it on my head. i have a nice black pair of jeans from arizia i think got them from an estate sale 2 years ago and they are still dark, no fade. wear them constantly. j brand. i feel like we have talked about this before? you DO look killer in that photo. good point out!

you need to come beach date me soon girl.