parkdale romp

hayley and i spent some time in Parkdale recently. I always hear how bad the crackheads are there but because i live in the east side ghetto i always argue that my hood is much worse. after spending most of the day in parkdale though i can safely say it is much worse then our east side digs. the crackheads are a different kind there. scarier. younger. dirtier. no point to this really. i have an unusual hate on for the west side. i think i spent too much time there in my early 20's. ANYWAYS, haylstorm and i packed in a solid day of vintage shopping, getting lost in BWV and drinking pints and eating pizza at the rhino. I found this fabulous skirt. it was one of those magical moments where you walk in a vintage store, immediately catch a glimpse of a possible purchase on the rack, beeline for it, try it on, fits like a mother fucking glove and then buy it. for $11 discounted from $20. MAGIC.

UH Badonkadonk?

Then we did this:

mike's bday. Joe and I got him a du rag and some NY bling. i think he looks so ghetto fab. i wish he went to bar in this get up.

then we took some family photos.

and hayley and i booked it to the painted lady to celebrate erin shwinn's deflowering... i mean birthday.

phil was a no show (it's ok, he had a good excuse) but matt came and drank a pint with us!

oh matt we're adorable!

and then we got down with this piece of awesome

and hayley serenaded me with some journey

and we danced with michael scott.

the end!


beans said...

oh my god.

ok i DO NOT sing that badly - i was/am sick! oh man so brutes! too bad we don't have video of me killing this in karaoke with nina as some kind of reprieve. maaaaaaaaan

beans said...

ps: best night ever

La Dick said...

that skirt is fire!