bike. check. backpack. check.

My papa handed down his bicyclette to me the other day. Despite my immense fear to bike in the city I'm going to wrap myself in padding and git'r done. I gotta get'r a tune up. how do i do this? where do i do this? how much is it? I went to Duke's Cycle and chatted with the owner there and he was ridiculously helpful so i might just have to bring it there. he said it's $69 for the tune up though. that seems majorly expensive to me. like that's more than a friggin oil change! but he also said he'll hang out with me and talk to me about "toronto bike riding tips" which no one else has offered to me yet, so i figure I should take it.

This new adventure of riding a bike also meant i needed to get a backpack. I decided on 2 options:

1. All black Jansport "slacker" backpack that all the ghatto kids are wearing these days.


2. All black MEC backpack that is most likely more durable and less grade 9.

I went with the MEC backpack. primarily because i dont want to bother searching for the all black jansport version. i bet it's sold out everywhere.

not gonna lie i thought about how much this thing is going to attract the sun to my back while riding but meh, black always looks better. and they didnt have a white one. and the grey one had this weird kinda green tinge to it.

the end. :)


raymi lauren said...

always have your finger on your bell ready to ding when riding along parked cars, anticipate car doors opening at all times. careful on streetcar tracks. left arm out when banking a leftie.

Duncan said...

Hey, I know you!

Anyways you can find some great "how to" advice over on www.bikingtoronto.com for surviving on your bike in Toronto. (Here's the secret, it's pretty easy!)

You're gonna love it out there.

Oh, and while Duke's is a bit pricey, they are a great shop and will do a fantastic job.

Highwaisted said...

duncan!! how are you??

add me to FB!

alana da silva said...

OR you can get one of these... classic swedish beauties. ugly + functional + retro = cool.

Highwaisted said...

oh! i love that bag alana!