last night was awesome

good solid hangs with schwinn. love that d _ _ _ _ w _ _ _ _. Hopefully only erin will know what that means (text love magic). hit up styrofoam ones as intended, the jons helped with that. solid. and then even went to the shoe for a night cap and it turned into a mutual friend smorgasbord. fantastic. and then one of us admitted to being incredibly drunk (endearing, loved it!) and then i realized i was an hour and a half late to meet Jogee at home. i hightailed, took the subway home to my new home for the first time after being out for the night (weird long ride) and crawled into bed with only 1 beer in my tummy. im getting good at this.

my vid skills are ridic.



La Dick said...

uuhhhnnn the GLASSES i LOVE them.

highwaisted said...

oh man you dont even know!

are you on fb??!! i need to add you!

Px said...

I was just pretending.