in like we're in.

woo! new house!

Yesterday was pretty brutal.

a) i was sick
b) i only had 4 hours of sleep the night before
c) the new house hadn't been cleaned/carpets shampooed yet when we moved in
d) our movers were awesome until the last hour when they claimed we needed to pay them another hundred bucks even after having a guaranteed estimate
e) they broke a few things - 75% of them were mine. Hilary - they broke the platter you gave me at my first house warming. mom - the glass on the thing we put on the ottoman broke too. can you replace this?
f) there are a million holes and scuffs on the walls
g) water pressure needs fiddling with - or we need new showerheads.
h) the president of the board of directors for the complex/residence didn't waste any time coming over to let us know that a) we are the only renters in the complex and b) the movers drove into a tree that is on his front lawn and that we should expect a bill for an arbor to come and fix it.

pretty brutes day. BUT

a) this house is gigantic.
b) there is no carpet in our bathroom!
c) the kitchen is so gorg
d) the couch my mom recovered for us a couple years ago has been resurrected and is currently in use!
e) the seating in our living room is amazing! we can comfortably sit 12 people!
f) we bought new bedding and it is like sleeping on a cloud
g) i had a chance to monitor the sun today and our sundeck is going to be ridiculously warm and sunny for at least 5 hours. maybe more.
h) we have a no frills like 25 steps away
i) we worked with a management compant this round so if anything is out of sorts in the house, it gets dealt with asap. we met our contact there today. she is delightful and promised to have all scuffs and holes and cleaning done by the end of the week!

positives outweighing the negatives. radical.

cable guy should be here soon. im stealing wireless right now.

and here are some completely unrelated photos for this post.


Kwil said...

Got to love when there are more positives to take note of!!! Happy moving!!!

Alyson said...

Sweet, new house! New pictures up soon, hopefully :)

beans said...

sat night was like whoah. best ever.

raymi lauren said...

bahaha charge you one hundred bucks then drive into a fucking tree. did you hire potheads R us?

what naybe are you in and how many times can i tan with you?