party started at 8. i had a dinner of doritos and dill pickle chips. Good thing I kept it right and tight and only had 3 beers.

we had a nice steady flow of peeps throughout the night. I was surprised at how many smokers there still are these days... the backyard was bumpin!

generosity was at an all time high! we've moved 3 times since being in the city now and our friends keep bringing gifts. all love all the time ya know.

bottles of wine, beer cozies, keytars, skull cube trays, glass bowls, champagne, sour puss, a nifty dip thing, kitten treats, oh yes.

I love it when you bring all your random friends together and people hit it off and make new friendships and this whole love in of shared friends happens. it's nice.

i think we need to start thinking about hiring/asking a dj to take care of the music situation though. i feel like it burns me all through the night. i mean, i could play hip hop all day every day and feel the groove all night long but you gotta look out for the peeps that need a whole other groove to keep their party going. I get stressed about that and then i eventually give up (usually after someone says i killed the vibe with something too slow or too rock n roll or too whatever). Then i leave it up to the party guests and they always end up going back to hip hop anyways.

and aside from me having to "kick out" one guest that fully overstayed their welcome, who no one knew, and who popped open bottles of champagne that we were given as gifts, there was no drama. don't get me wrong i'm fully down with having a good time but when it takes you 15 minutes to put one of your shoes on and you continue to assure me that "you know more then one person at this party and that i should lay off" your night is done in my books.

The kittens were perfectly behaved, megatron made sure to put on a show for all visitors, spaghetti laid low and hid under the bed but im happy to report i am breaking that shell one hour at a time and he is becoming the suck that i'm hoping he truly is. I think my parents were pretty stoked they're finally grandparents. :)

I was really hoping Kwil and Glenn were gonna make it out, but no such luck. :( and unfortunately Steph had a turn of events that also had her MIA. that's ok, i think hayley and i will have to plan a crafy party, survivor party and ganja party in the near future so we can get these kids over here.

ok time to shower and begin our trip to the pet stores of the east end. We need scratching posts and mice and shoe laces!


Alecia said...

the new passion pit cd has some great party songs. it leads me to car-dance, anyways.

& 3 beers?! i admire your self control. although the dinner described is definitely not a decent base, so good call. pickle-chips are probably not too liquor-absorbent...

& more cat pix plzzz...i am obsessed.

highwaisted said...

more cat pics comin right up!