I think i'm starting to master the art of staying at home. last night i was all gung ho about going out and doing things and then i ate dinner - made a leek, pancetta, vodka sauce penne pasta with satayed onions and portobello mushrooms and red peppers. it rivaled john's italian's exact same dish. actually it was better and didn't make me run to the bathroom after. SO SUCCESSFUL. after that i decided to try out our new tub complete with bubbles and candles and music and magazines. i forgot how unbelievably good baths are. we had one in our old place but because of that carpet in the bathroom everything grossed me out in there i didnt even want to touch the counters. baths are so underrated. i felt like a new person after. then i watched 20 minutes of Precious and then it was 9:10 and i was all hmm i could go out right now or i could go to bed and look at fashion blogs for an hour and call it a night. there's where the mastering comes in. mastered it. stayed home. even did sit ups and push ups and chest presses. oohh la la.

tonight will be different though, jogee has a magic card date so im going to hit the town and get down with cmw - specifically this:

and then maybe some royal york parties! la tee da. what should i wear? i hope it's leather jacket weather tonight.

is anyone going to hot chip? are there still tickets? i need to buy some.

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Kwil said...

on the other end of the spectrum, i think i need to work on mastering the art of going out. any pointers? haha