a nice little saturday

got up at 8am
felt amazing
hayley made eggs with garlic and tomatoes and spices and i dont know what else but they were awesome
skipped the shower
put my track pants on
everyone jumped in the car and we were off to Dixie Value Mall - Flea Market #1

I'm pretty privy to this market so i didn't have to do too much wandering. got myself a "best of" prince cd and pondered some used paperbacks while jogee went through 27 binders of magic cards, checked out the figurines in the shop where the owner doesnt stop talking to you while you're browsing and then got caught up to speed on archie proposing to both betty and veronica and apparently he's in a time warp or something.. then went upstairs to check out the outlet deals. bought 2 fancy lacy bras, jogee bought something from an electronics store, picked up some fake flowers and pot pourri from michaels, a vanilla cake candle, had an alarming moment with haylstorm, scoped out the alarming situation and then we were back on the road to hit Montfort's for lunch, Canadian Tire (nothing exciting purchased here), my dad's condo, zzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry this is supes boring.... ANYWAYS then we got the low down from Joe's sister on Dr. Fleas and missioned it out there to get some blu rays and suss out pricing on vaporizers. oh and take pictures of myself on a computer screen.

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