my mom is a mega babe

we have a lovely afternoon planned, maybe a little bed bath and beyond who knows. - go! name that quote. it's so off, but close enough.

but seriously, my mom and kever took us to home depot to kill some time before we had to drop jogee off to try on tuxes for one of the wedding's he's a best man at. i wanted to look at paint and light fixtures and water regulators. did you know that if you have a situation with your water, like if you're in the shower and someone flushes the toilet and scolds you, you can actually fix that problem by buying a regulator? well you can. we didn't end up getting one cause the people in the home depot in mississauga don't speak english and are completely useless. but i might take a little trip to that skecthy hardware store on queen on my lunch and shoot the shit with an old man in there and get one.

I didn't realize how unbelievable awesome home depot is. you can like build a whole house out of the stuff in that store. i was bewildered! Jogee was all "duh alicia, it's home depot you idiot". but seriously, there was like 5 million different types of toilets and carpets and doors and door frames and door handles and sinks and faucets and etc. like i knew there was home building related things there but i didnt know they had so much selection. I told jogee that he should become a handyman. and then i quickly rebutted that statement because it is way more awesome having a BF that knows how to edit moving pictures and dress well. alllriiighty then. anyways look at how adorable my mom is.


Alyson said...

I'm not going to lie... I live for trips to Home Depot.

Just sayin'

steph said...

"i don't know, i don't know if we'll have time"
old school. what do i win?

beans said...

OH MY GOD buddy i was going to post the exact same quote (but it's about home depot i think) after james and i spent saturday at Ikea! we are officially the same person.

beans said...

ps: the future is lookin good for you my friend.

Kwil said...

i love home depot and lowes. i have little pent up dreams about building my own home (we did it as a family when i was growing up and i wanna go thru it again).

ps. your mom's coat is amazing.

highwaisted said...

beans. we dont even need to talk about it, we know so hard that we are intertwined.

steph - you know it!