kitten mom

it's happening! it happened! I am officially a mother of 2 ridiculously adorable perfect little felines.

My Nintendo DS kitten is finally REAL!

Jogee the sneaky bugger that he is surprised me last night after my girl date with an old friend who I used to work with at IDA when I was 16. HI TARA!

I walked in the door, Hayley kind of blocking the way says "hi buddy! how are you?" weirdness. she never greets me like that when i walk in the door... and then i got further in and i see jogee's face and it's half happy half nervous half shocked and then i look down and there's food dishes and litter boxes and around the corner of the couch are 2 little soft perfect KITTENS!!!

I'm not gonna lie i was in a state of shock when i realized what was happening. Becoming a mom like that with zero preparation is INTENSE. I'm still in shock, but this morning when i woke up from a completely uninterrupted 8 hour sleep (GOOD JOB SPAGHETTI AND MEGATRON!) and megatron came pouncing out in front of me and I picked him up and omg i think i might start crying right now but it was just so magical and lovely and PERFECT. I really hope they behave and everyone loves them and they become super affectionate and stress relieving and humour inducing and part of our totally dope family. SIIIIIGH could things be better right now?

housewarming party tonight with all of our most favorite people
box of wine in the fridge
well rested and alert and happy.

shit is unreal.


Duke of Spook said...

I fully support your choice of names

highwaisted said...

are you coming tonight glenn?!!!

beans said...


being a kitten aunt is going to be the best ever ever.

ps: life sounds pretty good. big ups to the wine box shout outs.

misunderstood genius said...

congratulations! the names are dope!

Kwil said...

oh my gosh. amazing!! what a freaking amazing surprise to come home to!
congrats on becoming a kitty momma!
life is good :)

Alecia said...


make sure you be crazy and loud around them & overwhelm them with affection while they are young, that way they will not be lame and timid as cats. the more people that are being loud and giving them loves the better!

one of my other tried and true methods for cool-cat-production is lots of reefer smoke to the ears, but that may get frowned upon by some. it worked for my cat though, he is so chill he's more like a dog than a feline.

he's also extremely stupid...

there may be a slight causation factor there.


highwaisted said...


my mom said the same thing. totally cuddle them to death and they will be way more awesome. i'm trying to touch them as much as possible and hang out with them as much as possible. spaghetti is still very scared but everytime i get the chance i'm all over him.