this is how weeee dooo it.

shanananananana naaaa naaaa

im not gonna lie, im not a huge fan of the whole jack and jill idea pre wedding. Not trying to rain on anyone's parade but when you already have to attend an engagement party and then a jack and jill and a wedding shower and then the wedding, it's fairly ridiculous. who has that kind of money? I get that there's dinner and an open bar and you're basically partying with your peeps but is that really alllllll necessary? I can assure you friends, if and when I get married i will only invite you to tops 2 things - a pre party and the wedding. oh and a stagette. crap. that's already 3 things. but not all of you have to go to the stagette. TANGENT!

anyways what a totally mental weekend. how is it April already?

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Lauren C. said...

so I could have been having an engagement party, bridal shower, jack and jill AND a bachelorette? jesus, I really dropped the ball on this one. I am having none of these things!