survivor talk

Alicia: dude!

last night was intense!

Glenn: yoyoyoyoy

Alicia: did you watch?

Glenn: holy shit

what a ride

russell is crazy smart


russell is a genuius!



Glenn: I don't know how he's going to survive after this

Alicia: i know!

boston rob is such a dick

i hate him

Glenn: me too

he's a moron

Alicia: i hope he gets bitten by a giant snake or something

Glenn: Russell was literally one step ahead of him the whole time

Alicia: im pretty sure Russell will figure something out

imagine they fought?!

Glenn: hahahahahah

Alicia: and Russell punched him out or something

that would be high class television

i also hope that supremely skinny blond gets kicked off

i cant even look at her

Glenn: hahaha she sucks. There are so many anonymous babes this season


who the hell is she?

Alicia: hahaha

i dont even know

i have to google her

hold on

oooohhh her

yeah who the hell is she?

Glenn: she's garbage

she won't win

That scene at the beginning when Russell confronted Rob was like a scene from a movie

Alicia: woah have you ever wiki'd survivor seasons? they have charts and everything!

i love russell

Glenn: oh yah dude, gotta use that resource

Alicia: alright gotta shut the ol fb chat window down

Glenn: understandable

Alicia: talk soon!

Glenn: bye bye bye



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