flea market party!

so Jogee and I are gonna hit the road tonight and have a sleep over in NOTL, play with the kittens, drink some wine, and eat whatever food is in my parents freezer. I hope they have those puff pastry things!

Then tomorrow we have a big day of flea marketing planned! i can hardly contain myself! There are so many stupid things i want right now. vintage 80's barbies, a mario and luigi figurine, the rest of my burgertown collection, blurays, a keon clark jersey, maybe a neat carpet for our room, a vaporizer... possibilities are endless.

I just went out for indian with jogee for lunch and when i told him i think we should go flea marketing tomorrow he was beyond down with that idea. ahhhhh yeeeeaaaaah. what do you guys buy when you go to the flea market? i used to just look at cd's everytime i went there.. but now that i know there are vendors with like old school 90210 posters and jem outfits i walk around there and see everything in a whole new light. magical.

i bet these 3d glasses will be at the flea market 20 years from now. weeeeeeeird.


Kwil said...

i head to the leather section. i like rooting through belts, purses, belt buckles, shoes

and vintage bird prints, and necklaces. and and and and and and



have a fantastic time!

Duke of Spook said...

I look for vintage sports apparel mostly but also toys, clothes and if the flea market has a restaurant I like to eat there

highwaisted said...

oh duke i know all about your flea market escapades, your post a while back inspired this day of fun!!

ps. we need to talk about survivor!!!

Px said...

Thanks for answering my question.

kay zee said...

I punched out the lenses in my 3D glasses and am causing quite the fashion commotion.