boy friends

despite being incredibly exhausted due to friday night I was able to make it out to yet another birthday thang (happy birthday Genevieve!) in yup wait for it i went there again, the westend. Kris and Kev and Carm and John and Jon were all going so there was a little bit (a lot) of something called a guaranteed good time going on...

Lakeview has this post it note deal happening. so good for a first date or any date really. food was meh. i had a caeser salad with chicken on top. really great local wine list though.

FUN! love those boys.

I'm struggling to write this. my stomach is hating me right now. crampy nauseous pain.

we got a lot done today in the new hisouse. things are finally in place, pictures are on the wall, flowers are out, boxes are broken down, giant siiiigh. the chaos is dissipating.

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