canadian music week circa 2010

im jot noting this cause im watching the last quarter of the raptor game and it is INTENSE.

8:30 - drop jogee off in etobicoke, house party thang
9:30 - arrive at craig's, drink a brew, talk about his dating experiences/mishaps
10:15 - head to the garrison. park right in front! amazing! wait in line for 5 mins. apparently at capacity. i havent waited in line to get into a show in a very very long time. although it was total bullshit and annoying and we were ready to pull the plug within 2 minutes, it was nostalgic and nice and awkward (sounds bad, it was good). craig smokes a cigarette. get in. order a coke.
11:00 - meligrove band take the stage
11:30 - craig goes out for a cigarette
12:00 - moneen take the stage
12:15 - craig makes me go out in the hurricane weather with him for a cigarette
12:30 - hightail and head to the horseshoe for the junction
12:55 - make it just in time
1:10 - craig goes out for a cigarette, i go pee
1:20 - junction plays
2:00 - photo project commences, craig goes out for a cigarette
2:30 - look at our blackberry's and realize it's 3:30. or 3 or just way later then we thought it was, drop craig off. head home.

i love live music, i love cmw (fuck me the raptors just lost, my heart just sank) and i love that i made it to at least 4 shows this year. :)

im stoked for this week, so many amazing meetings, and parties and lunches planned. mmmm and the weather oooohhh the weather!

here's that post visually in case you totally have no time to read the above.


raymi lauren said...

who are all these dude babes. approve.

raymi lauren said...
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Kwil said...

you know loads of good looking people. wow. haha

highwaisted said...

LOL! i knooooowww total babes right?

and half of them are single!