rando ponderisms

one of the kitties had an accident yesterday - pissed on the couch. the white couch. my mom says they're probably pissed at us for something. we changed their litter which i think might be the culprit. im worried about them right now. i think we need to let them have the run of the house now. our room is getting too small and suffocating for them. im even tempted to mission home on my lunch to visit them. am i crazy cat lady?

we need a sandwich press. im eating a ham, lettuce, tomatoe, cheese sandwich on a ciabatta right now. it's pretty delicious. jogee knows my sandwich preferences almost perfectly now (he makes our lunches 90% of the time). but damn if this baby was put in the press for a coupla mins shit would be unreal!

it's insane and frustrating and amazing to know that there's woman (one in specific) in other cities that i could conquer the world with but alas the thousands of miles between us screw that all up. ah blogging - bringing fly bitches together one url at a time.

the realization that my body needs to be in prime condish before i even think of having a babe has officially set in. not that im planning for it ANYTIME soon, sorry ma, but damn i am not looking forward to the 5 kajillion situps that are in my future.

my friend Courtney - remember her? she lives in the north and she flew us out there to hang last summer? well she's probably 6 or so months preggers now and im majorly bummed im missing it all. i worked alongside my boss while she was pregnant and it was so totally awesome to see her belly grow and hear about all the crazy feelings and emotions she was going through. I MISS YOU COURTNEY!! MOVE BACK HOME!!!

ugh this post is getting all baby related. you can all thank jogee for that and the conversation he started on the way to work this morning. I'll leave that up to your imagination. HOW FUN!

Hayley and I are planning on hitting up the community centre gym tonight. im pretty sure i'm going to try and convince her to take over the "dance room" with me and choreograph a sick number that we can show all the girls on girls night next week. wooo!


beans said...

uhhhh - I'M IN!

steph said...

don't worry too much they're just little guys, little guys have accidents! not that i know much about cats but fuck im pissed i missed meeting these little wieners. xo!

kay zee said...


We have this one. It's President's Choice and we use it ALL THE TIME :)

Kwil said...

now that we have bought a house everyone is like "so, when are you getting married and having babies?" BABIES?!!!!!?
i have to admit watching a girl go through it is awesome, so much growing emotionally, physically, hormonally hahaha.
but, it scares the livin bejesus out of me.

i doubt you're cats are mad.. may be slight separation anxiety. if you begin visiting midday, they may start to expect it all of the time though (cats are VERY routine). one little wet mistake. i'd only start to worry if it happens again.
i love that your cat is watching the game! the apple does not fall far :)

La Dick said...

we're totally going to conquer the world, fuck a few thousand miles.

Alecia said...

embrace your inner crazy cat lady!