you can get with this or you get with that.

im thinking raymi might like this.

im thinking adam will love this.

LOL skulls

mmmmmm yup!

hair goal.

mouth watering

what up RQ mag! culture camp artastic!



she means business

gaaah want that coat in my size BADLY.

babe alert

i can't remember where i found most of these. my apologies for the stolen merchandise. plus linking in blogger is like doing the dishes after forgetting to grease the pan for cookies. WORST.

oh ps. that meeting at work - ah WENT AMAZING.


La Dick said...

WHAT? who is that gorgeous creature third pic from the bottom? dear lord!

highwaisted said...

i think i may have lifted that from lookbook.nu

Anonymous said...

i'd wear that right now

Alecia said...

i want the sailor girls jacket! so cute!

Anonymous said...

seriously, though, who doesn't like balloons?