my immune system is so busted up

seriously. i have yet another cold. my doctor says it's because i have been hit with the bronchitis plague. or at least that's what he warned me of. he was like don't be surprised if you're sick for the next 3 months because bronchitis makes you super susceptible to other bacterial viruses. AWESOME! so now i have this runny nose kinda thing happening. not overly bad, like i can totally function but just so annoying. i need a trip to a hot island immediately. in other news... Jogee and i went on a date last night. we havent been on a date in at least 3 months or something. other then our trip to collingwood which was well something.

anyways we went to house on parliament. our favorite restaurant of all time. and it was unbelievable. so good we didnt even talk while we were there because we were so high on food it was impossible. i forgot my camera so i took phone pics. pretty much make our meals look disgusting but i can assure you they were off the charts the best tasting thing ever. and we ignited this little flame of love while we were there and talked about the future and it was all sorts of magic. so magical i was tearing up from happiness. also could have been from the shaved prime rib sandwich i had. it was that good.


Kwil said...

mmm no matter. phone pics or not, that food looks so good right now.

beans said...

in the future do i still live with you? please say YES

Mr. Guesa said...

I live off Saline nose spray, vitamin c and zinc pills. I only get sick now when I see Lindsay Lohan's names in the headlines. I need a cure for that.